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+Fizz Up Your Life

add sparkle to your life with its slim and sleek design

Sparkling water not only quenches your thirst in a refreshing way, it’s a reflection of your unique lifestyle. The Pure Soda instant soda maker add sparkle to your life with its slim and sleek design. There is no need to plug it in, making it ideal for the home, indoor and outdoor parties, junk boat trips, picnics, camping and even the stylish “glamping” experience. Drink your mood with Pure Soda and create healthy, appetizing drinks anytime, anywhere!

+Taste of Health

Do you love carbonated drinks but worry about all the sugar they usually contain? Are you not quite a fan of the taste (and smell) of canned or bottled soda water? Pure Soda and the Pure Direct Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems combine to make clean, neutral-tasting sparkling water with zero calories or sugar. Say goodbye to store-bought carbonated drinks! Infuse pure food-grade CO2 into juice in seconds to create healthy and delicious beverages just the way you like.

Six benefits of drinking Pure Soda’s sparkling water

+Fizzy and Classy

Stylish, Elegant
available in black and white

Pure Soda features a streamlined column design with black or white color options that integrates elegantly into any style of décor, adding a touch of luxury. Its plug-free design means there is no limit on where you can put it. Enhance your ideal living space by keeping fizzy beverages always within reach.

+Live Sustainably


The Pure Soda sparkling water maker makes it easy to forget about store-bought carbonated drinks. Protect your wallet and the planet with drastically less plastic consumption. Pure Soda bottles are reusable and BPA-free, the best and safest choice for your family.

+Five Advantages of Pure Soda

Cost-saving Without Sacrificing Quality

Sparkling water makers can cost from a few hundred to a few thousand Hong Kong dollars depending on the designs and functions. Pure Soda is your perfect option on a budget without sacrificing quality. For less than HKD 1,100, you can enjoy premium performance and functions at an affordable price.

Smart Volume Control

Most basic machines are fixed with a short pumping tube so users have to make a whole bottle of sparkling water each time. With Pure Soda, we specially designed a long pumping tube that allows you to enjoy great flexibility on volume, so you can enjoy sparkling drinks alone or with friends.

Adjustable Bubbly Level

Most basic machines come with C02 cartridge soda chargers and there is no way to adjust the bubble level. Pure Soda allows you to customize the fizziness effortlessly with manual selection. Drink your mood with the perfect amount of sparkle!

Quick Connect

Most basic machines require you to change the soda charger each time, which can be frustrating to connect and result in carbonation leaks. But with Pure Soda, our steel cylinders fit your machine perfectly and can be used repeatedly without changing (up to 60L of carbonated water). Enjoy sparkling drinks at the touch of a button – even children can use it with ease.

Easy Refill

Regret buying an entry-level machine because the gas cylinders run out too quickly and you stress over finding refills? Pure Soda cylinders will last for up to 60 liters of sparkling water (about two months’ supply). Replenish your cylinders online or offline in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. Our refills are even 30% cheaper than other brands.

+Enjoy Pure Soda NOW

Enjoying sparkling water at home has never been easier with Pure Soda instant soda maker.

Drinking water isn’t dull anymore!